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Welcome to the Kitsap Mountaineers Basic Climbing Course.


This course is an introduction to the fundamentals of basic alpine climbing involving roped rock and snow (glacier) climbing.  The course is physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding, as well as a commitment of time, but the rewards are many.


The Kitsap Mountaineers Climbing Committee has planned a program of instruction that will provide you with the basic information and skills to become a competent and safe beginning Mountaineer.  This course is designed to provide a foundation for going on basic-level climbs and for more advanced training.

By successfully completing the Basic Climbing Course, participants will learn about:

¬  Equipment for roped alpine climbing

¬  Conditioning needed for comfort and safety

¬  Fundamental of roped climbing, belaying, following leader and rappelling

¬  Rock climbing techniques

¬  Glacier and snow travel

¬  Crevasse rescue

We desire to be the safest and most adventurous climbing community in the Pacific Northwest.  We are motivated by the adventure of climbing, exploring, and experiencing the great outdoors.  As volunteers and climbers, we do our best to provide quality instruction and climbing opportunities in a fun environment.  We follow and teach sound and specific mountaineering techniques so we can all climb safely together and rely on each other in the event of an emergency.  We hope you will enjoy this course, explore a few peaks with us, make new friends, and become a part of our climbing community.


Our goal is to make each student a safe, competent, and confident climber.  If at any time you have a question, comment or problem during the course, please contact the appropriate member of the committee.  We want you to complete this course and have a good time doing it.


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